You supply the details, we'll supply the CVs.

As an employer,finding and contacting each relevant recruiter can be an admin nightmare; having to find and go through multiple recruitment agencies whilst also managing the dozens of different CVs that are sent to you.

With Findara we aim to make this process as simple as possible leaving you time to make the important decisions for your company.

How so? You can see the Findara process below


Fill in the details that are required for your job


Findara will contact 100s of relevant recruitment agencies, inviting them to submit their proposal


Under each recruitment agency you will get a list of CVs, hand-picked by that recruitment agency


Simply Approve or Decline each CV and once you are happy Findara will email the approved agencies so that you can get on hiring your star!

By centralising your recruitment process you are not only able to find the best quality candidates but there's also less chance of a candidate slipping through the process.

Best of all it is completely free!

If you would like to discuss the possibility at posting your job

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