About Findara

The website was launched in tail-end of 2014 after Edouard Payne, an under-graduate in Wales, was fed-up of having to send his CV to the 100s of different recruitment agencies.

Edouard thus decided to launch Findara.co.uk and save hours, if not days, for job seekers by allowing them to quickly send of their CV in a few clicks of a button. Moreover the site aims to make it easier for employers and recruiters to communicate with each other and improve the recruitment process. Edouard has experience in the recruitment industry having launched YouthDirect.org.uk – a job board which was featured on BBC, ITV and Huffington Post to name few.

In conjunction with TheJobFairs.co.uk, Findara aims to be the hub for job seekers, recruiters and employers to collaborate effectively and to streamline the recruitment process. As a young energetic company we have around 400+ recruitment agencies on the site, and are continuously adding agencies to the site every day.

Our Mission

Our mission goal at Findara.co.uk is to prioritize great user-experience in the use and navigation of the site. We believe that the countless barriers and obstacles job-seekers face when searching for a job is one of the main reason many are disenfranchised by the whole process.

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